ETFE Products

Microcircuit specialise in (ETFE) Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene insulated wires and cables. We are based in Gauteng Region.


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AWG wire sizes (in compliance with MIL-W-22759/16):

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Metric Wire Sizes:

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UnderFloor Heating South Africa

Microcircuit specialize in UnderFloor Heating Systems, and are heating element manufacturers with all the cables and insulated wires needed to create these systems, we are based in Gauteng but service the South Africa region.

All Under Floor Heating Systems wires are made to ±13 Watts per running meter and are available in:

-Reels containing element wire in multiples of heater lengths
-One heater element wire per reel with 2 X 2m ETFE lead-in lengths
-Heater wire with copper lap screen and overall PVC outer covering
-One heater element wire with copper lap screen and 3 X 2m ETFE lead-in wires
Heaters made to customer specification

Resistant Wire Specifications:

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Defrost Elements

Microcircuit specialise in all high temperature cables and insulated wires. We have been in the industry for many years and are specialists in defrost element.

Large variety of refrigeration equipment including defrost elements and drain heaters are available as standard items. The defrost elements are made with wire-wound core and insulated with high temperature PVC, they may also be supplied in 4.5mm aluminium tubing.

We also make defrost elements to customer specification:

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Pet Heating Pads

Microcircuit have been in the insulated heating elements and heating pad industry, using high temperature cables to create pet heating pads.

High temperature PVC insulated element wires and aluminium laminated pets heating pads.

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-All heater wire is wire-wound
-All elements are manufactured with a join-less cold leads
-Pet heating pads are made with one adhesive side for easy
-Elements are color coded for easy recognition
-Standard elements  are terminated with bootlace terminals
-Elements can be made to customer specifications

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